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Warm-up (No Measure)

50 double unders

5 hops Single leg hops (front to back- each leg)

6 Medicine ball push-up

6 Skin the cat

6 Cossack squat (each side)

9 Medicine ball cleans

9 Bridge up

9 Ring swings

9 Handstand shrugs

50 meter Side hop

10 meter Spiderman lunge

9 Back stroke (each arm)


Split Jerk (12 minutes to a heavy double)


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

AMRAP 12 minutes:

70 Double Unders

50 Burpees over the Bar

30 Hang Squat Snatch, 50/35 kg

10 Muscle-Ups

02/ 21/2018

CrossFit Liberty – CrossFit


Metcon (No Measure)

20 minute EMOTM:

Movement 1 – Monostructural Conditioning

Movement 2 – Gymnastics/Skill

Movement 3 – Non-Monostructural Conditioning

Movement 4 – Barbell
Movement 1 – Monostructural Conditoining – Row, Run, or Burpees. Double-unders are not an option. Pick a Distance or Caloric output that leaves you with about 40-50 seconds of work on each round.

Movement 2 – Gymnastics/Skill – Push-ups, Pull-ups, Toes-to-bar, Handstand Walks, Double-unders, Muscle-ups, etc. This should be up to about 10-20 seconds of work (30 seconds if you’re working Double-unders).

Movement 3 – Non-Monostructural Conditioning – Wall Balls, Box Jumps, Ball Slams, Kettlebell Swings, lightweight/higher rep Barbell work Thrusters, Cleans, Snatches, STOH, etc, Farmers Carry, Battle Ropes. This should be approximately 20-30 seconds worth of work.

Movement 4 – Barbell – Squats, Presses, Deadlifts, Cleans, Snatches, etc. all in a strength baring format, i.e. heavy weight and somewhere between 1 and 5 reps, shouldn’t be more than 15 seconds worth of work.


CrossFit Liberty – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

Row 500 meters

5 Single leg deadlifts (each side)

5 Skin the cat

5 Overhead Plate Press

20 Marching bridge (each side)

20 Elbows high and outside (PVC or Bar)

20 Handstand shrugs

10 meter Frankenstien


Bench Press (12 minutes to a heavy single )


Metcon (Time)

3 Rounds for time:

200m KB Farmer Carry, 1.5/1 pd per hand

20 KB Power Clean

10 Ring Handstand Push-ups


CrossFit Liberty – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

Double Under practice for 3 minutes (shoot for 20-50 unbroken double unders). Then complete the following:

9 Tuck jumps

9 Leg lifts

9 Cossack squat (each side)

5 hops Single leg hops (side to side – each leg)

30 seconds Hollow body hold on bar

10 meter Pigs on ice skates

9 High knees with toe touch (each side)

9 Arms (over and back)

10 meter Inchworm

5 jumps Box jump progression



15 Minutes of Practice


1: Metcon (Time)

With a 10 minute running clock:


Box Jumps, 30/24″


2: Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

in the remaining time, AMRAP of:

Row for Calories


CrossFit Liberty – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

10 Squat press (each arm)

10 Squat to stand

10 Medicine ball push-up

10 Mountain climbers (each leg)

10 Marching bridge (each side)

10 Forward/back jumping jacks

10 Roll to candlestick with hands down

10 Back stroke (each arm)

10 Wring out the towel (each side)

10 One arm thruster with kettlebell (each arm)

10 Banded good mornings

10 Pogo jumps


Thruster (12 minutes to a heavy single )


Metcon (Time)

Partner WOD!

For time:


Deadlifts, 100/70kg

Burpees over the bar